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Run more with less effort

The world's first real-time metric data provider for runners
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    Helps you to run safely and correct your technique right in the moment.
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    Allows you to train with the right intensity. You won’t have to worry about overtraining or not pushing hard enough during training.
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    Helps to improve your performance in the shortest period of time and achieve bigger results without any harm to your body.
RUN and HEAR your metrics in REAL TIME
You can hear real-time metrics on your EarBuds
Use your EarBuds or any other favourite headphones to hear your data and recommendations while running.
RUN and SEE your metrics in REAL TIME
Connect Aheel with any smartwatch and see the metrics using all functionality of the watch
Connect Aheel with your Garmin watch
Aheel is compatible with all Connect IQ enabled Garmin watches so see your metrics
Connect Aheel with your Apple watch
Elevate your Apple Watch to a top-tier runner’s watch adding to it Aheel
Aheel is a pod that is attached to your running shoe
Thanks to its placement it accurately measures the following metrics considering your parameters.
Monitor how you land on your foot each time it contacts the ground. It helps you to increase speed, affects your energy consumption, and reduces the risk of getting injured.
Know the distance you run with each step and improve your performance.
Step Length
Identify your pronation to better understand your unique running mechanics as it has a big impact on your training efficiency and health.
Capture your supination to be aware of your movement patterns, adjust your training plan and form a safe running technique.
All metrics
Time/ Recovery time
Pronation/ Supination
Left/ right balance
Vertical ratio
Vertical oscillation
Stride/ step length
Stride/ step length
Step count/ Ground contact time
Run safely and avoid injuries with Aheel
You can hear real-time metrics on your EarBuds
Use your EarBuds or any other favourite headphones to hear your data and recommendations while running.
Connect Aheel with any smartwatch
Aheel is compatible with any smartwatch you have.
By connecting your watch with Aheel you can see the metrics using all functionality of the watch.
How it works
Choose the metrics you want to hear while running and the frequency of data delivery in your App
Hear your metrics and recommendations. Get notice when you are exceeding. Run and hear: “Your stride length is 165/ min. Catch up!"
The metrics will be saved in a periodic report after each training (daily, weekly, monthly)
Place Aheel on your running shoe. The device has a special clip that can be fixed on the shoelaces. You don’t feel its presence and don’t worry about losing it
Get all the info in periodic reports
Export your workout to most popular platforms
Share your results with the running community and your coach
Strava: Run, Ride, Hike 4+
Adidas Running (Runtastic)
Nike Run Club: Running Coach
Training Peaks
Just follow the voice and enjoy the run!
Tech specs
Personalized feedback during training
Accurately measured metrics
Analyzed data after each training
Selection of metrics for each training
Long battery life
1 button mode
2,4 x 0,55 in (61 x 16 mm)
50 g
Water resistance
2 Years
iOS and Android app
1 Gb
3D digital gyroscope
IMU Sensors
3D digital accelerometer
IMU Sensors
Texas instruments
HR Sensors
Bluetooth v5
Wireless type
Up to 10 Days
Standby time
Frequency response
Compatible profiles
4 pin Magnetic charging cable
5V - 0,5А
Charging cable
2 hours
Charge time
12 hours
Battery type
Battery life
New Sensor from Texas Instruments
What runners say
Like how it works. The data is accurate and hearing recommendation is helpful.
Andy Harper
Susan Winehouse
I was worried that it could fall when I run. But it is firmly fixed and comfortable to wear.
Lee Barrett
That's awesome. Now I can hear my metrics and don't have to distract on the watch's display.
Anna Dzondo
It’s like my coach is with me. Great training assistant.
Jennifer Dickens
Despite the fact that it's new to the market, decided to give it a chance and didn't regret.
Mike Tompson
As for me, this device indeed helps during training.

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