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Visualise your metrics while training
The most innovative smart glasses for athletes
Improve your performance by having your personalised metrics displayed on your AHEEL Glasses
Enhance your training efficiency by getting your most important metrics displayed in real-time and managing your effort during training
Boost your motivation by seeing the data changing during training and optimise your performance
Helps you to run safely and correct your technique right in the moment.
Allows you to train with the right intensity. You won’t have to worry about overtraining or not pushing hard enough during training.
Helps to improve your performance in the shortest period of time and achieve bigger results without any harm to your body.
Monitor your data while keeping your eyes on the route
Using Aheel eyewear you can customise what metrics you want to be displayed and see it while you are training, and choose according to device compatibility.
Use your Aheel Glasses with your smartphone to follow your metrics.
Sync Aheel eyewear with any smart watch and know your data instantly.
Heart rate
Vertical oscillation
Vertical ratio
Connect Aheel Glasses with your smart watch, smartphone or sport belt for displaying your data during your race.
Heart rate
Ground contact
Enjoy your training session with Aheel Glasses
$199 USD
Stay informed from the start until the finish of your race
Monitor your effort.
Be aware you your pace and heart rate.
See your performance
Get a new running experience
Choose most critical metrics for your training and see them in real-time while running.
Manage your intensity
Take action when you feel that you're overtraining or want to achieve great goals.
Run safely
Correct your technique right in the moment and keep track of your effort.
Take control
Have direct access to your real-time data. Stay focussed and don't interrupt your flow.
Heart rate
Ground contact
Vertical oscillation
Vertical ratio
See your real-time metrics and improve your results.
Track your performance metrics and enhance training efficiency
Be aware of your data
Leverage your cycling training
Stay concentrated on your path and follow your results at the same time.
Improve performance
Get your power and cadence in real-time. Evolve without distracting on data checking.
Maintain your rhythm
Make the most important data actionable and keep your training flow.
Safe access to metrics
Interact with your key data while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the bars.
Heart rate
Ground contact
Vertical oscillation
Vertical ratio
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Premium technology
Aheel smart glasses were developed to offer you the best training experience by having your key data displayed on your eyewear
Aheel Glasses uses a field sequential color (FSC) liquid crystal on silicon system to display images on the lens.
Thanks to FSC system which transmits the primary color information in continuous images, the wearers view the images as a plain picture.
$199 USD
2 years warranty
45 days free return
100% fit guarantee
The ultimate revolution for athletes
8 hours
Prism projector display size:
640x360 pixel
Bluetooth V5
low energy chip
4 pin magnetic port
One size
Charging cable
length - 30 cm
left side USB type A
right side 4 pin magnetic port
640x360 px
1 button
1 led
40 g
2 Years
iOS and Android app
Up to 10 Day
Standby time
2.400 GHz
Bluetooth v5
Wireless type
640x360 pixel
Display size
Prism projector
Display type
4 pin Magnetic charging cable
5V - 0,5А
Charging cable
3 hours
Charge time
8 hours
Battery type
Battery life
Aheel Glasses technology enables comfortable fit to all athletes thanks to its adjustable design.
It takes only a few minutes to adjust temples and temples tips to the athlete's head size.
What athletes say
Cycling with Aheel smart glasses is awesome! I’m a lot more precise with my threshold training.
Andy Harper
Susan Winehouse
I run with Aheel Glasses every day and every time it's amazing. I see my pace displayed and concentrate on my effort and running form.
Lee Barrett
These glasses are awesome! They perfectly fit me and I fully concentrate on my race.
Anna Dzondo
With these glasses I can see my power output and this helps me feather my watts and get more out of my workouts.
Jennifer Dickens
I love it! Now I'm able to see my data while running and I feel drived to run faster.
Mike Tompson
Such a cool investment. I'm able to glance at just the data I want and exclude so much unused info.
How to connect and display metrics
1. Press and hold the side button on AHEEL Glasses until it's lightening blue

2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and link the devices

3. Open AHEEL Glasses app on your smartphone

4. Choose where the data should be displayed from (Smartphone, Smart watch, Sport band, etc.)

5. Choose the metrics you want to be displayed on your AHEEL Glasses

6. Get your workout started and enjoy real-time metrics projection

Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
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