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Take your metrics with you
Less effort,
more run,
bigger results!
  • Heart rate
  • Pace
  • Steps
  • Cadence
  • Time & recovery time
  • Stride length
  • Distance
  • Vertical oscillation
  • Vertical ratio
  • Power
  • Intensity
  • Elevation
  • VO2 max
Use your EarBuds or
any other favorite headphones to hear your data during running
Real-time tracking
You can Hear Real-Time Metrics on your EarBuds
See your data on your Smart Watch and smartphone
Measured metrics
You can See Real-Time
Metrics on you Smart Watch
The world's first real-time data provider
Monitor your steps per minute, improve your running economy.
Capture where your foot makes initial contacts with the ground.
Record the distance you run with each step, it influences your pace.
Hear your pronetion to reduce the likelihood of injuries.
Make the best out of each training with Aheel
Aheel is compatible with all Connect IQ enabled Garmin watches so see your metrics
Connect Aheel with your Garmin watch

Real-time guidance
Elevate your Apple Watch to a top-tier runner’s watch adding to it Aheel
Connect Aheel with your Apple watch

Export you workout to most popular platforms
Real-time guidance enable you make adjustments to your running intencity when you encounter wind, hills, and more so you always train at the right intencity
Adidas Running
Strava: Run, Ride, Hike 4+
Nike Run Club: Running Coach
Even more benefits
Connectable with any smartphone and smart watch
Weighting just 29g
Dust and water protection
What runners say
"Just WOW. Now I can hear my heart rate, pace and so many other metrics without distracting on my watch's display. The heart rate has never been more accurate by the way."
"It's the best discovery I have ever made. Despite the fact that it's quite new to the market, decided to give it a chance. Didn't regret. "
"It's like my coach is always with me. Now I am sure that I don't overdo things and do my best during the training."
"Everything is measured super precisely. The sound quality is awesome. "
"I didn't expect too much. But Aheel changed my view on the training. By hearing my performance indicators I indeed started to put less effort into my training"
"It's absolutely comfortable to wear. Finally I can use only one device instead of 3 during my training."
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